Time to Pause

1000 citizens of the world… United by a life-changing pandemic and a renowned photographer.
A documentary created by Alistair Morrison while isolating during Covid-19, connecting to the spirit of this time.

Time to Pause is a unique, timely documentary created online by the renowned photographer Alistair Morrison. A photographer out of his element, trapped in isolation, asks 1000 people from around the world to join him from their varied ‘lockdown spaces’, so that he can photograph them through the computer, which becomes his studio.

Conceived initially as a remote photography project, it soon became obvious that he was not merely capturing their image but was also being allowed to see into the emotional lives of strangers from over 100 countries, all living under very different circumstances but connected by the same moment in time – the Covid-19 pandemic. (Time to Pause Documentary – 56 mins)

Time to Pause – Director’s Introduction

Time to Pause – Promo

Time to Pause – Q&A hosted by Dylan Jones

“[Morrison’s] admiration for the front line and essential workers profiled in his film is clear, and his handling of sensitive and sometimes tragic moments in their lives demonstrates a sensitivity appropriate for the often somber yet equally uplifting tone of the film.”