The Legacy Photographs

Most recently, Morrison has completed a series of ‘Legacy Photographs’, applying his signature style of portraiture to depict historic collections of notable actors, sportsmen, Britons and musicians.

The Adoration – Searching for Apollo is Morrison’s latest legacy artwork (2017) and features the most legendary men of music from the past five decades. It is an altarpiece art installation, set atop a bespoke juke box, which allows viewers to listen to and reflect upon the music of those depicted whilst taking in this impressive contemporary artwork that honours the history of popular music.

Inspired by British Music fuses 13 unique portraits of Britain’s most influential musicians. With Searching for Apollo as its inspiration, it also takes shape as an altarpiece which sits on top of a bespoke cabinet housing a sound system.

Twenty-five of the world’s most formidable rugby players met in Morrison’s 2016 legacy photograph, Waiting for Lomu. Originally named ‘The World’s Greatest Rugby Squad’, the title was changed after the passing of the former All Black wing in 2015. The photograph now pays a unique tribute to one of the greatest players of all time, whose portrait is illustrated in the piece.

Also in 2016, 90 Great Britons were united in another of Morrison’s legacy photographs, in honour of the Queen’s 90th birthday. Each sitter was asked to muse over what makes a ‘Great Briton’ as they sat for their portrait.

Alistair Morrison’s The Actors’ Last Supper was created in 2010 and exhibited at The National Portrait Gallery, London, for an 18-month period. It was the most viewed and talked about art piece on display.