Bermudian Legacy

In the tradition of his previous Legacy Photographs, Morrison is currently creating a brand new photographic work which celebrates the legacy of Bermuda.

“My Grandparents settled in Bermuda back in the Thirties and had four children, all born in Bermuda. My Mother and Uncle, along with a number of other members of my family, still live there so this beautiful island is very much part of my heritage.”

Thirteen Bermudians will be photographed by Morrison, and the artwork, Bermudian Legacy, will be created throughout May and June 2018. It will be unveiled later this year and hang, as a new acquisition, in the art collection at the Hamilton Princess.

Morrison has chosen 11 Bermuda icons to sit for their portrait and would like to include two individuals, chosen by you – two people who you believe have contributed greatly to the strength of the Bermudian community.

We were overwhelmed with nominations for so many Bermudians who have made such an impact on the Island’s community.

A note from Alistair Morrison:

I have been so heartened and touched by the words that you wrote in expressing your admiration for your chosen nominee that I have decided to include much of the sentiments within the final art piece. So, even though your nominee may not be included as a portrait, they will be honoured through your written words.

I would like to announce that I have chosen the two Bermudians who will be part of the final Art piece and who I will be photographing soon. They are:

Veronica (Ronnie) Chameau – nominated by N. Acton:

“Mrs Chameau has devoted years of her life to preserving, promoting and passing on to new generations the legacy of so many Bermuda traditions, including the famous banana dolls; the North American Indian links with St. David’s islanders, Carter House, and the revival of pilot gig racing. She has exhibited and co-authored a related book on hats and shoes crafted from dried Bermuda materials. Her passion about Bermuda’s traditions and culture means that she has made, and continues to create, an outstanding legacy for others to follow and be inspired by.”

And by Helen Orchard:

“Ronnie Chameau brings the past to life with her banana leaf and palmetto dolls and hats. She has single handedly revived the dying art of doll making. Her smiling face and bright spirit brings joy wherever she goes. Ronnie is a beautiful Bermudian Legacy – both in what she creates and who she is!”

Martha Dismont – nominated by Jacquline Horsfield:

“Martha is unwavering: she lives her life honestly and openly. She is dedicated to making the Bermuda community better in particular for children as they epitomise the island’s future. She believes in strength and shares her wisdom and support generously.”

An announcement will be made, within the coming weeks, of the 13 Bermudians who will feature in the final Art Piece and the date of the unveiling at the Hamilton Princess and Beach Club later this year.

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