Bermudian Legacy

In the tradition of his previous Legacy Photographs, in 2018 Morrison created a brand new photographic work which celebrates the legacy of Bermuda.

“My Grandparents settled in Bermuda back in the Thirties and had four children, all born in Bermuda. My Mother and Uncle, along with a number of other members of my family, still live there so this beautiful island is very much part of my heritage.”

Fourteen Bermudians were photographed by Morrison, and the artwork, Bermudian Legacy, was unveiled and hung, as a new acquisition, in the art collection at the Hamilton Princess in September 2018.

Morrison chose 12 Bermuda icons to sit for the work, leaving space for two individuals to be chosen by the general public; people who the public believe have contributed greatly to the strength of the Bermudian community.

Morrison was overwhelmed with nominations for so many Bermudians who have made such an impact on the Island’s community.

A note from Alistair Morrison:

“I have been so heartened and touched by the words that you wrote in expressing your admiration for your chosen nominee that I decided to include much of the sentiments within the final art piece. So, even though all nominees cannot be included as a portrait, many will be honoured through written words.”

The 14 Bermudians that feature in the artwork are:

Sir John Swan, KBE
Ann Smith Gordon, MBE
Clyde Best, MBE
Dr. Edward C. Harris, MBE
Jim Butterfield
Allan Trew
Stuart Hayward
Shaun Goater, MBE
David Wingate, OBE
Flora Duffy, OBE
Ruth Thomas
Clarance ‘Nick’ Saunders
Martha Dismont, MBE (public nomination)
Ronnie Chameau, MBE (public nomination)

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