Bermudian Legacy

In the tradition of his previous Legacy Photographs, Morrison is currently creating a brand new photographic work which celebrates the legacy of Bermuda.

“My Grandparents settled in Bermuda back in the Thirties and had four children, all born in Bermuda. My Mother and Uncle, along with a number of other members of my family, still live there so this beautiful island is very much part of my heritage.”

Thirteen Bermudians will be photographed by Morrison, and the artwork, Bermudian Legacy, will be created throughout May and June 2018. It will be unveiled later this year and hang, as a new acquisition, in the art collection at the Hamilton Princess.

Morrison has chosen 11 Bermuda icons to sit for their portrait and would like to include two individuals, chosen by you – two people who you believe have contributed greatly to the strength of the Bermudian community.

Alistair Morrison is personally inviting you to nominate your Bermuda icon. The two individuals chosen will be photographed by Morrison and included within the work, alongside some of the great Bermudians who have been inspirations to the island.

To nominate someone, please complete this form. Nominations must be made by the 15th June 2018 and an announcement will be made soon after on who the two successful candidates are. You can make a maximum of three nominations (any nominations thereafter won’t be counted).

Nomination Guidelines: When deciding on who to nominate, focus on what makes that person special to you. For example, their achievements, their dedication to a cause, family or issue, and their contribution to Bermuda and its community.

Nominees must be Bermudian and over the age of 18. Only one person can be nominated per submission. Please be aware that the nominee will be asked to sign a model release form.

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