• Tom Cruise

  • Sting

  • Kate Winslet

  • Joseph Fiennes

  • Joan Collins

  • Billy Connolly

Time to Reflect project

The project began in 1997 in a supermarket when MORRISON took his daughter, Georgia, into a photo booth to organise her passport image. Although he did not realise it at the time the chemicals in this booth were old and they gave a tinted colour to the photographs which was appealing. 30 pounds later MORRISON had ten different versions of photographs. Later that year UNICEF asked him to support the charity with a photographic project, anticipating the Millennium. Time to Reflect was born when MORRISON asked Tom Cruise to sit in a photo booth and to do his self portraits. To date over 400 famous individuals – dignitaries, sportsmen, authors, artists, actors, musicians – from all over the world have sat in the Time to Reflect booth


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